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In line with Public Procurement of Innovation best practices Public Procurers consulted the market long before the official tender announcement. In total 5 market events were held in Bilbao, Turin, Enzkreis, Oslo and Brussels. The events were held in order to give suppliers advance notice of upcoming tenders and relevant background information about the authority.

During the Market Events members of the PAPIRUS Consortium along with experts in the field of public procurement presented the concept of the project as well as planned Coordinated public procurements The market events have been a significant success.

Representatives of the enterprises have shown deep interest in the PAPIRUS procurements and are thoroughly intrigued by the idea of becoming clients of Public Bodies since usually it is the contractor who buys their product.

For more information about the events go to:

Spanish Market Event >>>

German Market Event >>>

Italian Market event >>>

Norwegian Market Event >>>



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