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Olatz Nicolas Buxens from TECNALIA answers frequently raised question concerning PAPIRUS public procurements. 

What is the difference between PAPIRUS public procurement and standard public procurement?

The PAPIRUS project will launch 4 public procurements in a coordinated public procurement to purchase in each of them different types of innovative solutions for a particular building. The purchased solutions will have to be innovative to fulfill the specified requirements. All 4 public procurers have gone into a deep technical dialogue with the market before launching the tenders as part of the PPI process.

What does it mean that the procurement will be coordinated?

All 4 public procurements will have similar requirements and solutions requested, the same general structure, same award criteria and same evaluation team (Joint Cross-Border Evaluation Team, or JCBET). Due to these characteristics bidders are invited to present a bid in more than one tender.

Does this procurement include supply of products as well as their installation (construction works)?

Some of the procurements include installation of the purchased products, such as SESTAO BERRI 2010, SA and Landratsamt Enzkreis.

Will the construction/installation of the purchased products take place in the timeframe of PAPIRUS project? 

The procuring entities will launch a general construction tender for contractors in which the installation of the purchased products will be included. Those pilot cases in which the construction works will be out of the PAPIRUS project timeframe due to its construction volume, a partial installation of the purchased technologies will have to be done in order to tackle the technological validations of the purchased technologies implemented in the buildings as regarded in the PAPIRUS project.

Will the bidder have better chances of winning when submitting an offer for particular product in all countries?

As the four tenders are separate, bidders who submit offers for more than one tender won´t have any advantages during the awarding process but due to the similar requirements and solutions requested in these contracts, bidders are invited to present a bid in more than one tender.

If you have any more question feel welcome to post them on our PAPIRUS project group on LinkedIn or contact the project coordinator Eneritz Barreiro Sánchez, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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