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    Site name: Mühlacker Vocational School / Workshop Building

    Building owner: Landratsamt Enzkreis 

    City/Country: Enzkreis/Germany






You can download detailed presentation of the building here >>> 


Overview of case study

Enzkreis demo building is an existing educational building that was partially reformed in last years. The refurbishment will be completed under the basics of the Public Procurement resulting from Papirus Project. 


Demo building is situated in Lienzinger Street of Mühlacker, in Enzkreis district, Germany (48,95N; 8,85E).


The construction is a workshop that belongs to Mühlacker Vocational School. The centre provides the necessary theoretical knowledge as well as practical trainings for many occupations. The school complex consists of several buildings. Among them the workshop building hosts 16 workshops for apprenticeships in metal industry e.g. Instrument mechanics or locksmiths.

The building operation schedule is from Monday to Fridays from 7:30 to 15:00 during school period. On holidays the building remains closed.

Architectural characteristics 

The building has a rectangular plant distributed into 2 floors with areas of 950 m2 and 2038 m2 respectively. First floor is almost totally in contact with ground except from north-east and south-east side. In this floor a car park is located, which could be considered as external parking due to the lack of walls in part of its perimeter, so it is exposed to external ambient conditions.

Both first and second floor encloses different teaching rooms combined with corridors and toilets. Some of the classrooms are provided with heavy machinery for vocational training.



South-west elevation. Enzkreis demo


Tecnalia OSLO KOMMUNE  Landratsamt Enzkreis ATC TORINOgeticaa SESTAO BERRI 2010 SOCIEDAD ANONIMA ASM - Centrum Badań i Analiz Rynku Sp. z o.o.