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The only official language will be Italian/German/ Norwegian/Spanish/English.

PAPIRUS Public Procurements of innovative solutions will be focused on individual products or systems which comply with these functionalities:

1. Reduce the energy losses through buildings opaque envelope

2. Reduce energy losses in winter and solar gains through window in summer

3. Technologies that provide good quality natural day-lighting

4. Solutions that store thermal energy increasing the thermal comfort and shifting heating and cooling peak loads

5. Technologies for light weight prefabricated panels with low specific CO2 emissions.

Contractng Entities for the PAPIRUS project are presented below.


The Municipal Undertaking for Social Service Buildings of Oslo (Omsorgsbygg Oslo KF) is a public enterprise established in 2004. Management, operations and maintenance are the primary focus areas of Omsorgsbygg Oslo KF. As of March of 2014 our property portfolio consists of an approximate floorage of 885.000 m2 which consists of more than 1,100 .separate buildings on 654 properties. This includes nursing homes, kindergartens, health care centres, fire stations, senior citizens community centres, leisure properties, office and commercial buildings, arts centre, museums and youth clubs. The majority of the leaseholders are municipal administration agencies, in addition to the 15 district administration in Oslo. We also have a small number of non-public businesses as tenants.


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