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“How to implement Public Procurement of Innovation – Lessons learned from the PAPIRUS project”











One of the tasks of the PAPIRUS project is training activities in the area of Public Procurement of Innovation. The main objective of these activities is:

  • Awareness raising about the benefits of Public Procurements of Innovation;
  • Training of procurement and contracting staff across Europe on proper implementation of Public Procurements of Innovative Solutions.

A series of training workshops are being held within the project and this Guide serves as training materials. 

The guide is dedicated for all Public Procurers across Europe who plan on implementing PPI and want to learn from the PAPIRUS experience about the principles on which public procurements of innovative solutions are based. 

The guide includes the explanation of public procurement of innovation, the benefits it brings, implementation rules and steps as well as lessons learned from the PAPIRUS project. Therefore, this document is not only a theoretical description of guidelines but also practical set of tips which may be useful for future followers.

The PAPIRUS Consortium hopes that this guide will bring you one step closer to the implementation of Public Procurement of Innovation.

Download the Guide in:  English, Spanish, Italian or Polish.

The Guide will soon be available in German. 




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